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CYMOTIVE Technologies launches its comprehensive vulnerability management solution for improved & certified vehicle fleet safety and security

CYMOTIVE Technologies announced the commercial launch of its automated vulnerability management solution, Car Alert™, aimed at increasing vehicle fleet safety and security with assured regulatory compliance by minimizing the risks resulting from in-vehicle software and hardware component vulnerabilities.

The increasing software-supported amenities in today’s connected vehicles are among the many reasons behind the frequency of vulnerabilities found during all stages of a vehicle lifecycle. CYMOTIVE’s Car Alert solution has proven to manage these risks from the development stage and long after the vehicle’s production stages. Results show that Car Alert’s vulnerability management will lead to reduced costs, better brand protection, and greater customer satisfaction.

With the CYMOTIVE solution, car manufacturers and component suppliers add automation to their compliance process for cyber regulations, such as the UNR 155 following the ISO/SAE 21434 standard. Car Alert maps all software and hardware vulnerabilities to the electronic component units (ECUs), prioritizes them according to the risk of their potential impact and damage, and recommends the best path for risk minimization. For regulatory compliance, Car Alert generates all required artifacts, evidence and reports for audit submission leading to successful certification of the vehicle mode type.

CYMOTIVE CEO, Tsafrir Kats, commented, “Today’s accelerated pace of greater connectivity comes with a potentially high price. When using our Car Alert solution, car manufacturers and their suppliers can manage their risk along the whole vehicle lifecycle from design to end-of-support, prioritize their remediation, protect their brand, reduce unnecessary expenses, and support on-time product delivery.”

Additional benefits for OEMs and tier one suppliers include:  

  • Continuous visibility of real-time cybersecurity posture
  • Pre-emptive risk assessment of vehicle security and safety
  • Insight to decide on optimal courses of action for increased security
  • Generating the documentation required for regulatory vehicle type certification

“CYMOTIVE brings automation to an extremely complicated area of vulnerability management due to vehicles’ complex design and their stringent requirements during development and for years on-the-road. The ingenuity behind CYMOTIVE’s smart mobility solutions is derived from our deep experience working hand-in-hand with leading OEMs,” added Kats.

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