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Delta launches SLIM 100 EV charger for space critical applications

Delta has announced the launch of SLIM 100, a new EV charger with a robust and compact design. It offers a maximum power of 100 kW and includes rectifiers with 97% power efficiency. The SLIM 100 provides simultaneous charging of up to three vehicles and offers DC and AC charging. With its ability to provide 100kW of power in one cabinet, it offers an ideal solution for space critical applications, as its footprint is 55% smaller than other products that offer the same level of power. This makes its well-suited to commercial applications, parking lots, service stations and urban traffic hubs where installation space can be limited.

Commenting on its introduction, Vincent Lin, senior director of e-Mobility & Smart Energy Solutions business development, Delta EMEA, stated: “The popularity of EVs is on the increase as drivers recognise their performance, sustainability and environmental benefits. Nevertheless, the space available for placing new EV chargers is limited, especially in urban areas. The SLIM 100 is a response to the growing need for a powerful, yet compact charger that can meet the needs of a wide range of user applications where space is restricted.”

Efficient Charging Service and Complete System Integration

The SLIM 100 provides simultaneous charging for up to three vehicles. Two charge points are available for DC quick charging of up to 100 kW, and one charge point is available for AC charging of up to 22 kW. Dynamic load distribution minimises the charge time for EV users. Of particular interest to operators against the backdrop of dramatically rising energy prices across EMEA, is the Slim 100’s high efficiency of 97%. This will help operators to make significant energy cost savings.

SLIM 100 supports OCPP 1.5S/1.6J including web socket and TLS, as well as Ethernet or Modem (2.5G/3G/4G). Dual modem connectivity for simultaneous access via CPO and service backend is also provided. The SLIM 100 has also been prepared to support ISO 15118-2.

Optimal Installation and Operation

Unlike many of the fast chargers on the market, SLIM 100 doesn’t require large installation space or a big installation team, which helps lower the overall planning and installation costs. Weighing only 200 kg, there is no need to arrange for specialist transportation methods, such as cranes, ahead of installation. This also ensures the SLIM 100 can be positioned in places not easily accessible to cranes, like underground parking environments. With its height of 1.6m, there is no need to apply for building permission in city areas, which also shortens the planning phase. For added convenience and ease of use, the SLIM 100 offers different user authentication options, like credit card and RFID reader, while a 7″ LCD, non-touch screen interface provides an easy overview of its functions. Thanks to its all-weather outdoor design, the SLIM 100 has an operating temperature range of -25°C to +50°C, which ensures high service availability all year round, and it is vandal proof, too. Side access allows installation next to walls, and its compliance to the DIN 18040 standard also offers barrier-free access for people with health or mobility issues.

The SLIM 100 delivers an attractive, fast-charging service with minimum space requirements. Its simultaneous charging of up to three vehicles and its dynamic load distribution minimises the charging time for EV owners. It is intuitive and simple to use in locations with limited space, and it will pay a key role bringing fast charging to the growing number of EV drivers across EMEA.

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