Eicher delivers electric truck to Safexpress

Gurugram, 31st August 2023: Eicher Trucks and Buses, a business division of VE Commercial Vehicles Limited announced a further deepening of its relationship with Safexpress, India’s logistics and supply chain organization, offering express distribution, 3PL, and consulting services to more than 5000 customers across the country. At a ceremony marking the occasion, Safexpress received the 100th Eicher truck joining its fleet during the current fiscal year. Also announced as part of this long-standing partnership, was the handover of India’s first 5.5 T electric truck, the Pro 2055 EV to Safexpress.
This move underlines Eicher Trucks and Buses’ commitment to working with customers to reduce the carbon footprint associated with transportation. The government’s Net-Zero vision aligns with it.

Vinod Aggarwal, Managing Director and CEO of VECV commented, “I am pleased to see our relationship with Safexpress grow from strength to strength. Today, we are celebrating our association by marking the delivery of Safeexpress’ 100th Eicher truck for this fiscal year. We are also excited to announce the introduction of India’s first 5.5-ton GVW electric truck, the Pro 2055 EV. With our focus on sustainability and uptime, we look forward to continuing to strengthen our partnership with Safexpress.”

Mr Pawan Jain, Founder & Chairman of Safexpress commented, “Our enduring collaboration with Eicher has always been about excellence and innovation. By embracing electric mobility solutions, we aim to set industry benchmarks for sustainable transportation. This partnership signifies our resilience in adapting to evolving transportation needs and global environmental imperatives.”

Eicher light and medium duty trucks have a tradition of delivering best in class fuel efficiency and profitability to the customers. Furthermore, the new Eicher Pro 2055 EV will continue that legacy. It is built on Eicher’s established electric vehicle technology already in use in intra city bus applications. The truck with deck length of 12ft will come equipped with two fully built container solutions. Fast and slow charging options will be provided to meet the needs of specific applications. The service solution also factors in availability of charging infrastructure, operational requirements, charging time constraints, battery capacity, and overall energy management strategies of the fleet. Eicher’s advanced telematics solution equips the truck, while the My Eicher services enable it.

Eicher Trucks and Buses offers one of the widest product ranges. Moreover, it produces these products on its innovative BSVI solution, EUTECH6, which provides reliable engine technology and best-in-class fuel efficiency. Eicher Trucks and Buses is the first player to introduce a 100% connected range of vehicles with advanced telematics. This provides enhanced fuel efficiency and superior uptime enabled by the industry-first Eicher Uptime Centre support. Additionally, it offers segment-specific benefits such as enhanced logistical efficiency in e-commerce and improved passenger safety in buses.

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