ElectricPe unveils virtual and physical mobility hubs

Date: December 06, 2023.ElectricPe has launched its virtual and physical mobility centres across the country. The mobility centres are designed to provide a seamless and convenient experience for EV users. Users can access a wide range of charging options, vehicle models, and services through the ElectricPe app or website.

The virtual mobility centres allow users to find the nearest charging station, scan the QR code, and start charging. Users pay only for what they consume. Users can also explore various EV brands, models, and features, and book test rides or purchase vehicles online. The physical mobility centres are located at strategic locations such as residential complexes, offices, malls, and other establishments. Users can visit these centers to check out the vehicles, chargers, and accessories in person. Users can also avail of after-sales services, maintenance, and support at the physical centres.

ElectricPe has partnered with leading EV manufacturers such as Hero Electric, Ampere, and Okinawa to offer a wide assortment of vehicles for different use cases and preferences. Users can choose from scooters, bikes, cars, and buses, depending on their needs and budget. ElectricPe also hosts an array of charging systems, including regular, fast, and swapping. Designers create these systems to cater to various types of vehicles and batteries.

ElectricPe’s CEO, Avinash Sharma, said that the company’s vision is to make EV charging as simple and accessible as possible, and to contribute to the growth of the EV industry in India. He said that the company has already begun establishing strategic partnerships with OEMs, independent charge point operators, and infrastructure players, and plans to have 1 lakh public charging points on the ElectricPe platform by the end of this year.

ElectricPe also announced that it has made its Charger Management Software (CMS) freely available to all users, which will enable them to easily manage their charging infrastructure and monitor usage through a user-friendly platform. The company said that this move aligns with its mission to promote sustainability and green mobility in the country.

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