EnGIS joins the Uptane project

EnGIS Technologies announced that it has joined the Uptane project under the Joint Development Foundation. EnGIS has already begun work on integrating the Uptane framework into its EnAIR Over-The-Air (OTA) software management platform. This step further strengthens EnGIS’ comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, which already supports several software update security systems and protocols. Integrating the Uptane framework will enable EnGIS to make sure safe and secure software updates delivered over-the-air to ECUs and systems in vehicles.

Uptane is a Joint Development Foundation project of the Linux Foundation, operating under the formal title of Joint Development Foundation Projects, LLC, Uptane Series. The framework, now considered the de facto standard in the automotive industry for secure software updates, can fend off cyber-attacks from those getting to compromise critical servers and networks that are used to sign and deliver software updates.

Utilizing the Uptane framework is part of EnGIS’ wider strategy to meet the upcoming WP.29 regulation.

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