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Envoy Technologies launches first electric car share in Hawaii

Envoy Technologies announced the launch of its first electric car share in Hawaii in partnership with Kowa American powered by the Envoy Mobility app. The Nissan Leaf will be available to residents at Halekauwila Place Apartments located in Kaka’ako, a vibrant urban island community in Honolulu. Envoy’s Mobility as an Amenity™ service and technology platform provides residents with freedom of movement without the expense of traditional car ownership or hassle of renting a car. This also directly addresses the car rental shortages experienced throughout the United States. Plus it helps to reduce emissions and improve air quality through an eco-friendly and sustainable mobility option.

“The Hawaiian islands are a perfect location for this type of sustainable travel,” said Drew Hopkins, Envoy’s Chief Operating Officer. “Supporting the environmental health of the beautiful Hawaiian ecosystem is important to ensuring these islands will be enjoyed for generations to come.”

“Hawaii is on a fast pace moving toward sustainable energy and lower emissions. Kowa is committed to continue our contribution to the state economy and sustainability goal,” said Masa Nakashima. “We believe by bringing Envoy to Hawaii we will be able contribute toward achieving that goal. As the world continues shifting toward a “sharing” community, Envoy’s platform will be able to lower the number of personally-owned vehicles and give the community an opportunity to learn more about electric vehicles by offering onsite accessibility.”

Envoy electric cars are located at specific properties and offered to guests, residents and employees as an exclusive amenity. This provides affordable emobility without the traditional cost of owning or renting a car.

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