eSync™ Alliance announces v2.0 specification to improve automotive OTA cybersecurity

The eSync™ Alliance announces that it has released v2.0 of the eSync specification. The new release expands on data gathering while further extending the cybersecurity specifications for over-the-air (OTA) software update capabilities of eSync, with full bi-directional communications in a single pipeline.

The v1.0 specifications of the eSync Alliance, released in April of 2019, focused on over the air (OTA) installation of software into edge devices in the complex networks of modern vehicles.

The new v2.0 expands the specifications and guidelines for diagnostic data gathering over the air, providing structures for short message data such as diagnostic trouble codes, bulk data transfer for data collected from numerous devices over time, and streaming data from sensors, creating new opportunities for automakers and Tier-1 suppliers to improve their products and provide added value to their customers.  Also included in the v2.0 specifications are guidelines for meeting regulatory requirements and standards defined by UNECE, NIST, NHTSA and ITU addressing cybersecurity and data privacy.

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