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Exploring deep connected vehicles platform from Sibros

Deep connected vehicles platform, Sibros on 20th July said it has closed its Series A round of $12 million funding. This round was led by Nexus Venture Partners. It is working with OEMs in India and plans to expand its team and presence in Pune and Bengaluru.

Telematics Wire spoke to Shivalik Prasad, Vice President – Strategic Alliances & Sales, Sibros, to learn more about the automotive technology startup. Mentioned below are the points it discussed about Sibros solutions, offerings and their road map in this region-

In short what Sibros solution is all about?

Sibros is a San Jose, California headquartered company founded by Hemant and Mayank. It is building the next generation secured car to cloud automotive software platform. The software executes OTA (Over the Air) software updates, rollouts, rollbacks, deep data collection, OEM fleet management across any vehicle architecture (CAN/LIN/Flex etc). The OTA/Logging collection is done for any kind of ECU/sensor in a vehicle (can run across over 80+ combinations of ECU) and any kind of vehicle (2 wheeler, 4 Wheeler, Tractors, Bus, Truck, Special vehicles, electric – EV, IC and Hydrogen vehicles).
This technology is critical for the next generation connected vehicle as the software component in each vehicle is exponentially increasing and it is becoming very important for someone to manage the freshness of the embedded software at scale across the globe (from 2G network area to 5G network area). The freshness can apply to OS in the infotainment, HMI of the cluster, safety critical parts such as brakes, Apps on the car, latest calibration of the battery software, fine tuning of the air-conditioning, range calculation etc.
The edge computed data collected from various in-vehicle sensors can be processed using Machine Learning or AI algorithms to build new use cases and new business models. Sibros technology will power the likes of User based insurance, driver experience personalization, help with Software recalls, in-vehicle payments, parts/service management, crash detection etc.

 How can automakers benefit from Sibros?

As vehicles become more complex with new software definitions in the area of ADAS, self driving levels, electrification, the OEM are faced with very large complexity in terms of software and data management. The global software recalls are hitting record highs and it is costing the OEM billions of dollars annually to handle these issues. The Sibros software platform will work with the OEM/Tier 1 and cloud providers to help orchestra the software and data across hundreds of ECU/sensors on a multitude of vehicle platforms across many countries/regions. The team at Sibros is a core automotive team with a software bent of thinking which is a unique combination as the next generation vehicles are extremely software driven. 
Sibros deep updater and deep logger with scalable cloud architecture can rapidly help the OEM to leapfrog technology generations and provide advanced user benefits. Example – In India right now floods are ravaging Assam, if the cars are connected, OEM can use its end-to-end platform run diagnostics on every ECU/sensor in the car and run analytics to help fix the problems. The OEM can also share this vehicle data with Insurance companies to help with fast claims processing. Sibros has identified 150+ use cases that can greatly help the OEM/customer and Automotive industry at large via its next generation software platform.

Do you have any clients in India, and what are your plans in APAC in general?

Currently Sibros is working with customers from Detroit, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Mumbai, Munich and beyond. These are auto companies in the area of bikes, scooters, luxury sedan, bus and truck manufacturers. We are also expanding our footprint and have a presence in Tokyo and will soon expand to other regions in the APAC. 
Sibros is working with various Tier1/Service providers to help deploy the best in class technologies (example MaaS – mobility as a service) for the OEM within time and budget. We are able to deploy our technology in vehicle/on cloud for a first cut prototype in less than 30 days which is very unique to the automotive industry. The reason for the same is our software is very modular and can work on all kinds of OEM architectures. Our cloud is also designed to handle tens of millions of vehicles real time using very advanced data compression and compute technologies. 

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