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Fisker in talks with five carmakers for production partnership

Date: November 13, 2023. Fisker is in talks with five traditional carmakers to secure additional production capacity for its nearly-ready vehicles, according to its CEO Henrik Fisker. Fisker currently has one vehicle on the market, an SUV called Ocean, which is manufactured in Austria by Magna International. It also intends to deliver two further vehicle models by 2025, a truck and a smaller SUV. Both of these vehicles will necessitate increased production capacity. The PEAR, a compact SUV, will be manufactured in Ohio in collaboration with Foxconn.

Henrik Fisker said he was looking for partners who could offer flexible and scalable production facilities, as well as access to new markets. He said he had no interest in selling a stake in his company or merging with another firm.

Fisker has encountered various difficulties in its pursuit of becoming a successful and competitive competitor in the electric vehicle sector. It reduced its yearly production target in August. In October, it revised its pricing, citing a slowing in demand and supply chain concerns.

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