Ford teams up with Upstream to secure connected trucks

HERZLIYA, ISRAEL, September 27, 2023 — Upstream Security announced that Ford Trucks, has chosen Upstream to secure its connected commercial vehicle fleet against the rising number, complexity and scale of cyber-driven risks. Moreover, Ford Trucks ramps up for upcoming cybersecurity regulatory compliance, and with this collaboration, will take an important step towards achieving vehicle-type certification.

Ford’s only heavy commercial brand, Ford Trucks produces a range of vehicles. These include tractors, construction trucks, and distribution trucks weighing over 16 tons. Furthermore, currently operating in 48 markets worldwide.

“We continue our efforts to identify the most innovative technologies to support our growth,” says Emrah Duman, Ford Trucks’ Leader. “The Upstream platform immediately stood out as the leading automotive cybersecurity solution based on its unique technology and maturity. Upstream will support our UNECE R155 compliance efforts. It will also secure our fleet against cybersecurity risks, protect mobility applications and services, and support innovative business models.”

The decision to select Upstream followed a proof-of-value with Upstream in Ford Trucks’ cloud environment. Upstream’s platform is cloud-based, with no software or hardware footprint in vehicles. Upstream’s solution leverages the wide range of connected vehicle data sources collected by our OEM customers.

“Ford Trucks selects us to protect its commercial vehicle fleet. Moreover, this is based on our unique cybersecurity detection and response capabilities and our focus on connected vehicle data management,” says Yoav Levy, Upstream’s CEO and co-founder. “Our ability to contextualize vehicle data enables us to support global OEMs, such as Ford Trucks, in their journey to capitalize their data. We help them expand data-driven use cases, including mobility purpose-built API security, fraud detection, and much more. The platform currently monitors millions of connected vehicles worldwide. This includes a wide range of passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, and heavy commercial vehicles.”

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