Autonomous Vehicle

Foretellix lane verification package, to comply with UN ECE regulations

Mobileye and Foretellix demonstrate safety regulation compliance flow for Automated Driving Systems using new ALKS package with RSS

Foretellix announced its new lane verification package which is in compliance with UN Regulation on Automatic Lane-Keeping System (ALKS), announced last June’20.  

In a joint demonstration with Mobileye, the ALKS verification package generated the required regulation scenarios and parameters and provided measurable metrics on the RSS controlled vehicle behavior. The package used Mobileye’s RSS model to ensure that the tested vehicle does not initiate dangerous situations and properly responds to dangerous situations initiated by other vehicles. These scenarios were varied over a wide range of parameter values, demonstrating that safety as well as regulatory requirements are met.

The new package includes support of Mobileye Responsibility-Sensitive Safety (RSS) following a successful joint demonstration of ALKS safety regulation and compliance flow. The new verification package will help automakers address the regulatory and certification requirements of ALKS automated driving systems.

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