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Geotab launches keyless entry system for shared fleets

World’s leading telematics provider integrates secured digital key function with comprehensive telematics data product to maximize fleet ROI

Geotab unveiled Geotab Keyless, that integrates a secured digital key function with data-driven fleet management product.

How it works: Once a key fob is embedded into the hardware, drivers open their third-party software app on their phone (which is integrated with their MyGeotab platform), locate the OEM button on the screen and use the features to lock, unlock and start the vehicle. In addition to phone apps, the keyless functionality can be enabled by NFC tags and directly over the cellular connection. Over time, the solution will expand to include other applications and third-party digital key hardware solutions, as well as OEM telematics’ APIs.

Geotab Keyless as mentioned in press release, will support any make, model and year of vehicle that has a key fob. Geotab platform provides access to the most extensive telematics data in market including asset accounting, suitability analysis for corporate car sharing, vehicle management automation and remote vehicle management. Fleet customers interested in implementing Geotab Keyless as part of their fleet management program can choose to pair their Geotab telematics solution with a vehicle reservation system software partner of their choice in order to best meet their individual business needs. Current global software partners for Geotab Keyless are- Wunder Mobility, Ridecell, fleetster, Eccocar and Moove Connected Mobility.

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