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Geotab study: Safety concerns deter women from EV adoption

TORONTO, Oct. 24, 2023 /CNW/ – Geotab Inc. (“Geotab”) released new research which indicates that charging station safety is a consideration among women, and could be hindering electric vehicle (EV) adoption in Canada and the United States (US).

The research, which surveyed more than 1000 men and women in Canada and the US respectively, indicates safety concerns. These safety concerns, such as well-lit, less remote charging stations, may be a key consideration in EV adoption in both Canada and the US. Of the survey respondents, 46% of Canadian women and 33% of US women are considering an EV as their next vehicle. Actual EV ownership statistics reveal a stark disparity. In Canada, men account for 74% of EV owners. In the US, 72% of EV owners are men, indicating there are barriers for women in embracing EVs.

Safety Concerns Explored

Geotab’s research established a compelling correlation between safety concerns surrounding charging location and EV ownership. This revealed notable gaps between intent to purchase and actual adoption.

Canadian Women’s Concerns:

  • 30% of women surveyed express concerns about the overall safety of EV charging locations.
  • Nearly half of women surveyed noted easily accessible, well-lit charging stations in less remote areas would help convince them to purchase an EV.
  • 20% of women surveyed are more likely to consider increased security around charging stations. This is a convincing factor for their next vehicle purchase.

US Women’s Concerns:

  • 43% of women surveyed have safety concerns regarding EV charging stations.
  • Approximately 40% of women surveyed noted the importance of accessible, well-lit charging stations in less remote areas would influence their EV purchase decision.
  • 21% of women surveyed consider increased security around charging stations as a factor that could influence their next vehicle purchase.

“The lack of consistency in charging infrastructure may help explain, in part, why women make up a minority of electric vehicle owners. Concerns for personal safety may also contribute to explaining, in part, why women make up a minority of electric vehicle owners,” said Sherry Calkins, Vice President, Connected Car & Platform Solutions at Geotab. “Safety is also one of the most cited concerns of women working in the commercial vehicle industry, including trucking. Especially when it comes to truck stops and rest areas. As we strive to attract more women to the industry, at a time when commercial fleets are moving towards EV adoption, it is important to consider these issues. In order to avoid creating new barriers in the industry.”

Youthful Enthusiasm for EVs

The research also indicates that younger age groups (18-34) exhibit the most interest in EV ownership. 53% of US and 55% of Canadian respondents in this age group express a strong desire to own an EV. However, factors such as the cost of EVs may be limiting actual adoption. Canadian EV drivers tend to be older, with at least 50% of them aged 55 years or older. The average age of a Canadian EV driver is 51.3 years. The same is true in the US, where people aged 55 and older make up 53.6% of EV owners.

Geotab, a global leader in connected transportation solutions, leverages data insights to effectively plan, manage and measure the impact of fleet electrification, sustainable transportation, and charging infrastructure. Moreover, to learn more about Geotab’s fleet electrification solutions and research on charging infrastructure, visit: Fleet Electrification Knowledge Centre.

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