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Giken Mobility offers electric motorcycles with connectivity


Through managed connectivity provided by Telenor IoT, Giken Mobility is now able to offer connected features on its newly launched UNO-X electric motorcycle under the brand ‘Iso’.

The ISO Brand: A legacy of Innovation and Rebirth

Established in 1939 as Isothermos, Iso is deeply rooted in Italy’s post-war industrial history. Initially focused on mopeds, motorcycles, and light four-wheeled vehicles in 1948, the brand achieved a pivotal moment in 1949 with the launch of the Isomoto, which would become Iso’s flagship motorcycle.

In the 1950s the Isomoto quickly emerged as a formidable competitor to Vespa and Lambretta, manufacturing around 100 motorcycles daily. The Isomoto paved the way for large-scale motorcycle production until the company shifted its focus exclusively to automobiles, producing models like the classic GT300.

Today, Iso has experienced a renaissance, thanks to the visionary young Italian entrepreneur named after his illustrious grandfather, Ferruccio Lamborghini. In collaboration with Giken Mobility, the driving force behind the brand’s cutting-edge technology, Iso now spearheads innovation with revolutionary electric motorcycles, breathing new life into this iconic name.

A subsidiary of SGX listed GSS Energy, Giken Mobility is dedicated to reshaping urban transportation by replacing traditional petrol-powered vehicles with practical, and more environmentally friendly electric alternatives.

“By partnering with Telenor IoT, we’ve elevated the Iso brand to new heights. The collaboration has not only enabled us to create cutting edge features for our electric motorcycles but also to redefine the rider experience through advanced connectivity. Telenor IoT’s robustness and experience have proven invaluable, aligning perfectly with our commitment to innovation and excellence.”

Sydney YeungCEO of Giken Mobility


The electric vehicle (EV) market is evolving rapidly, driven by consumer demands for enhanced connectivity, convenience, safety, and concerns for the environment. The Southeast Asian motorcycle market is arguably the largest in the world, with users who are keen to try new technological advancements that benefit their daily routine, especially through their smartphone.

Recognizing this, Giken identified a pressing need to integrate advanced connectivity solutions into its electric motorcycles, offering riders features that provide real-time insights and convenience. To achieve their vision required a robust and reliable IoT connectivity partner.


By leveraging Telenor IoT’s managed connectivity and expertise, the Iso UNO-X is equipped with an embedded SIM. Onboard, a 7-inch digital dashboard and a cloud station displays information, collects critical data from the vehicle and presents real-time analysis to the driver through its application “Mio Iso”, which enhances the user experience by utilizing Telenor IoT’s cutting-edge connectivity technology.


The collaboration between Giken Mobility and Telenor IoT has helped transform the Iso UNO-X into a truly connected and smart electric motorcycle. Through Telenor IoT’s managed connectivity, the Iso UNO-X now offers features such as battery level monitoring (SOC), current vehicle location through GPS, and remote vehicle alarm trigger for a safer and stress-free user experience.

Connecting the vehicles also enables Giken Mobility to gather valuable insights into riding patterns and environmental factors, helping to foster continuous innovation in their motorcycles’ design and development.

Iso motorcycles are now equipped with intelligent features that prioritize safety and convenience. The incorporation of advanced sensors and connectivity allows for real-time data exchange between Iso motorcycles and Iso in-house systems. This empowers riders with critical insights, ensuring safer journeys and more informed decision-making on the road.

IoT also brings unprecedented convenience to Iso motorcycle owners through remote vehicle management and diagnostics. By leveraging IoT-enabled applications, motorcyclists can remotely monitor their bike’s performance, battery health, and maintenance needs. This proactive approach helps prevent unexpected breakdowns and optimizes the motorcycle’s overall efficiency, providing riders with peace of mind and uninterrupted riding pleasure.


With Giken’s commitment to sustainability and innovation and Telenor IoT’s technological strength, this partnership has not only introduced an exceptional electric motorcycle to the market but also laid the foundation for a new era of connected micromobility solutions.

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