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Gothenburg launches Mobility Innovation hub

Gothenburg, a city in Sweden, has launched a new initiative to promote sustainable and future-oriented transportation options. A new mobility innovation cluster called “Mobility Innovation Destination Torslanda” is being developed in the Torslanda district of Gothenburg. Volvo Cars is the driving force behind the project, collaborating with real estate companies Next Step Group and Vectura Fastigheter, supported by the City of Gothenburg. The city has designated a new lane for bicycles, implemented a bike-sharing program, and transformed its transit system to include more electric buses.

The large-scale development Mobility Innovation Destination Torslanda will be an integrated part of Volvo Cars campus in Torslanda. It is not far from the coming battery gigafactory.

The intention is to further develop the district by 200,000 to 300,000 sqm. An estimated SEK 5 billion (approximately EUR 480 million) will be invested. 

The new innovation centre will offer facilities and environments for testing and development, and gather actors within sustainable mobility.

“With this initiative, we aim to create an ecosystem where we can develop the future of mobility. This includes cars, the technology inside of them, and the infrastructure around them, all hand in hand,” said Jim Rowan, CEO at Volvo Cars.

“Our ambition is to pioneer technology, attract global talent and connect with other cutting-edge businesses.”

Parallels to GoCo Health Innovation City

The first phase of the development, the refurbishment of an existing building, which entails 25,000 sqm, is already underway. It should be operational by the spring of 2026.

The development involves the real estate companies Next Step Group and Vectura Fastigheter, who have purchased the property. They are behind GoCo Health Innovation City, Gothenburg’s fast growing life science district.

The ambition is to create a vibrant destination that promotes community, collaboration, innovation and growth.

“GoCo Health Innovation City is a successful example of how together we have found the recipe for attracting the best talent to one location. Furthermore, we provide an innovative environment where businesses and academia can interact and collaborate. Together with Volvo Cars, we look forward to embarking on a similar journey,” said Jacob Torell, CEO at Next Step Group.

Gothenburg important to Volvo Cars

The City of Gothenburg and Volvo Cars have also had lengthy dialogue on mutual needs. The parties will connect the new development with nearby existing mobility nodes, Lindholmen Science Park and the Volvo Group’s Campus Lundby.

“Gothenburg as a city is incredibly central to Volvo Cars’ development,” says Jim Rowan, CEO of Volvo Cars. “I’m impressed by the response we have received regarding our plans for Torslanda. I’m also happy with the broad cooperation we have to strengthen the competence provision and the development in Hisingen and Gothenburg in general.”

The new Torslanda initiative will feed into ongoing planning of urban development and public transport. The city will also support Volvo Cars and Next Step Group and Vectura in their development of the new Torslanda node.

The current plans entail the expansion of the Gothenburg Green City Zone initiative to include Torslanda as well. Moreover, the initiative is helping pave the way towards an emission-free transport system in Gothenburg. Businesses, academia and public actors are testing new innovative solutions that can be quickly scaled up.

Gothenburg already holds a prominent position within future mobility. The investments in Torslanda will further strengthen the region’s attractiveness to both global talent and investments.  

“We have a fantastic innovation ecosystem in Gothenburg, which now becomes even more attractive for new actors and investments. Moreover, there are few regions that have such a complete and exciting value chain as we do. But this doesn’t happen on its own. We need to keep creating conditions so our innovation environments can continue to be first-class,” says Patrik Andersson, CEO at Business Region Göteborg, the city and region’s economic development agency.

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