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Grupo Antolin and Eyesight Technologies Partner

Grupo Antolin, a manufacturers of vehicle interiors in the world, and Eyesight Technologies, a provider of computer vision AI solutions for the in-car automotive industry, have entered into a partnership to provide driver and occupancy monitoring solutions to OEMs worldwide.

Grupo Antolin’s technological knowhow, the ability to integrate 3rd party solutions into its components and development of their control electronics, will be paired with Eyesight Technologies’ advanced in-cabin sensing solutions to deliver smart-integrated systems with great added value.

The collaboration will provide car manufacturers with in-cabin solutions tailored to the needs of future electric, connected, and semi-autonomous to fully autonomous vehicles, leveraging the technological capabilities of driver and occupancy/interior monitoring.

Eyesight Technologies sensing solutions encompass a variety of applications related to driver and passenger safety and experience inside the vehicle. The company’s Driver Sense, driver monitoring system, tracks the driver’s eyes, eyelids, pupils, head, and gaze to determine alertness, wakefulness, and attentiveness of the driver. Its’ Cabin Sense, occupancy monitoring system, monitors the car’s interior and passengers, powering adaptive safety features, and personalized cabin environment. Driver identification and action detection such as smoking, wearing seatbelt and holding a phone are also available with Eyesight Technologies solutions.

This partnership with Eyesight Technologies allows Grupo Antolin to move forward in its Smart Integrator strategy which is anchored in developing more complex systems with greater added value which offer new features by incorporating more technology, electronics, and lighting solutions.

According to the company, Smart Integrator will be the cornerstone of its new strategic plan to be launched in 2020. Under this new plan, the company aims to enhance its position as a global supplier of technological solutions for automotive interiors, leading the transformation which the industry is seeing with the advent of the new mobility, and continue to be a key partner for automobile manufacturers in the development of their future vehicles. One of the mainstays of the future strategic plan is the search for alliances with startups and leading tech companies such as the one forged with Eyesight Technologies.

Source: Press Release

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