Haomo.AI launches budget-friendly ADAS kits

Date : October 16, 2023. — Chinese startup Haomo.AI has recently launched Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) kits- HP170, HP370, and HP570. These ADAS kits are affordable and offer adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, and collision avoidance systems. They are compatible with a wide range of vehicle models, irrespective of their manufacturing year.

The cost of Haomo.AI’s ADAS kits, which start at $410, will significantly lower the hurdles to the development of smart driving technology. Moreover, with automatic emergency braking and short-distance memory parking, the HP170 package. This costs between $400 and $550, permits autonomous driving on motorways and expressways. With clever obstacle avoidance capabilities, the HP370, which costs between $700 and $800, expands support for city driving. The HP570, which costs between $1000 and R$1250, also offers complete parking assistance and autonomous driving on urban roads.

Haomo sets itself apart in the ADAS realm with not only cost-effectiveness but also top-notch performance. It boasts computing power from 5 Tops to 100 Tops and an advanced sensor system. Moreover, this unique approach resonates with Haomo’s goal to tap into the anticipated 70 percent penetration of smart driving features in China by 2025. The introduction of these budget-friendly ADAS kits represents a significant leap in the self-driving sector. Haomo.AI’s chairman, Zhang Kai, disclosed plans to integrate the second-generation HPilot passenger car ADAS products into production vehicles. Furthermore, the integration is expected to take place between 2023 and 2024. By capitalizing on these economical solutions, URL0 aims to cater to the burgeoning smart driving market. Additionally, it facilitate the proliferation of Level 2 and above assisted driving features in China.

This shift towards intelligent driving technology mirrors the wider trajectory of China’s automotive industry. According to the China Passenger Car Association, 35 percent of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles delivered in the first half of 2023 featured autonomous driving systems. These systems were equivalent to Level 2 or higher. Industrial experts suggest that the surging demand for smart vehicles in China, fueled by congested roads and lengthy urban commutes. It has accelerated the widespread adoption of self-driving systems.

The unveiling of Haomo.AI’s ADAS kits has generated considerable excitement among industry experts and driving enthusiasts alike. Moreover, many praising the startup’s efforts to bridge the gap between luxury and mainstream automotive technology. Market analysts predict that the introduction of these budget-friendly ADAS kits could potentially fuel a significant shift in the global automotive market, making smart driving features more commonplace in everyday vehicles.

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