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Herd Group launches end-to-end fleet management solution

The new solution is dubbed Herd Connect and designed to bring operating efficiencies and ensure fleet compliance via a fully automated system, covering everything from vehicle acquisition, asset and driver management through to defleet, refurb and disposal.

Herd Group managing director Nigel Schroder said: “We have invested heavily in Herd Connect, which has a whole host of benefits to anyone who manages a fleet of vehicles, providing fleet operating efficiencies and enhanced compliance management, all in one automated process.”

Aimed at both car and LCV fleets, including electric vehicle operators, it’s managed via a cloud-based customer dashboard which provides real-time information on areas including vehicle allocation and utilisation tracking, driver, vehicle and lease management, flexible vehicle rental, driver grade and vehicle band definition, trade up/down management and driver contributions, servicing and maintenance management, accident and risk management, licence checking and risk profiling and fuel management.

It also can handle purchase invoices control, handling data sent by suppliers, provide management reports by exception and P11d reporting.

And businesses can use the My Vehicle inspection App to enable drivers to carry out vehicle inspections and log defects via their smart phones, fully integrated with the online fleet management system.

Mike Cooke, head of fleet, said: “Herd Connect is an invaluable solution for anyone running a fleet of vehicles. We will become their fleet department, so an immediate saving on resource and benefit from a range of cost savings which allows you to focus on the growth of your business.”

Herd is offering the Herd Connect service free for 12 months, with the cost of maintenance and repairs reduced by using its network of preferred suppliers.

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