HL Mando partners with Israel’s Argus to establish cyber hacking monitoring system

HL Mando, an autonomous driving solution developer in South Korea, partnered with Argus, an Israeli automotive cyber security company, to establish a system that can monitor cyber hacking. Due to the nature of autonomous vehicles that exchange signals over the vehicle network, security threats such as hacking should be blocked in advance.

The signing ceremony at the HL Mando Pangyo Global R&D Center on the 19th was attended by HL Mando CEO Cho Seong-hyeon, HL Mando CEO Seong-hyeon Argus, CEO Argus Ronen Smallly, CTO Argus Yaron Galula, HL Clemove Vice President Hyung-jin Kang, and HL Mando Software Campus Head Jin-hwan Lee.

HL Mando’s main product is automotive electrification parts. These include steering (steering) and brake (braking) parts. In the field of automobile chassis electrification, especially the autonomous driving functions of steering and braking systems where active safety functions are implemented, signals are exchanged over the vehicle network. Direct and indirect communication with the driver is mainly done through smart devices. This is why cybersecurity is on the rise. Software technology that blocks security threats such as hacking in advance is also a key task. HL Mando, which is striving to innovate in software technology, plans to build its own cyber hacking monitoring system in collaboration with ARGUS, a cyber security specialist. Argus’ advanced defense technology is applied. HL Group’s auto sector head, Seong-hyeon Cho (CEO of HL Mando) will lead the way, and HL Mando’s software-related organizations will be in charge of the work. Affiliates such as HL Clemove, a company specializing in autonomous driving cognitive technology, will also participate in this project.

HL Mando said that the agreement with Argus would meet requirements for cybersecurity regulations for new vehicles adopted by WP.29, the United Nation’s world forum committed to technical regulations applied to the automotive sector. The forum addresses the safety and environmental performance of wheeled vehicles and parts. 

HL Mando CEO Cho Seong-hyeon said, “The hyper-connectivity of automobile systems is proving that we are entering the cyber car era.

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