Hunter introduces ADASLink diagnostic scan tool

ADASLink from Hunter Engineering Co. is a premium, full-diagnostic scan tool that includes ADAS calibration and secure FCA gateway capabilities. This complete solution custom integrates with Hunter’s WinAlign software, providing technicians with quick access to specific calibration procedures for more than 25 million vehicles.

ADAS is the fastest-growing automotive technology today, according to Hunter. Yet comparatively few service providers are prepared to perform the intricate ADAS calibrations increasingly required by manufacturers.

The new ADASLink scan tool expertly closes that gap with comprehensive ease and precision. ADASLink guides the technician with clear, step-by-step onscreen instruction, ensuring the calibration is completed according to OE requirements. Access to accurate ADAS data is crucial since these complex safety systems require recalibration following a wide range of typical services, such as wheel alignment, suspension repair, or windshield replacement.

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