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India: Swiggy and Reliance BP partner to build electric vehicle ecosystem for delivery partners

Swiggy has signed an agreement with Reliance BP Mobility Limited (RBML) to build an electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem consisting of e-bikes and battery-swapping stations for its delivery partners across the country. This partnership aims to synergize their strengths of scale, reach, and technology to create a greener and cost-effective solution for delivery fleets.

Swiggy on Thursday, August 5, announced the commencement of trials that will increase the deployment of EVs in its delivery fleet. These trials are aimed towards Swiggy’s commitment to cover deliveries spanning 8 lakh kilometers every day through EVs by 2025. According to the company, this is part of a concerted effort to operate more sustainably, go pollution-free, and contribute towards the creation of a robust EV ecosystem. 

Making deliveries through EVs is expected to lower the running cost of vehicles by up to 40%, leading to higher earnings for Swiggy’s delivery partners. This announcement comes on the back of almost two years of pilot programmes, during which Swiggy explored various models to determine what would make EV adoption easier and more profitable for its delivery partners. 

Reliance BP Mobility Limited (RBML) is set to install battery swapping stations every few kilometers, to ensure a sustainable last-mile food delivery infrastructure. A single pre-charged battery enables a commute of almost 65-80 kilometres. Battery swapping itself will take less than five minutes, ensuring lesser waiting time and more deliveries and earnings for the delivery partners. Swiggy will also train the delivery partners on how to use the EVs, the swapping stations, and apps that monitor battery performance.

Additionally, Swiggy has also partnered with Hero Lectro, an e-cycle manufacturer and Fast Despatch logistics, a last-mile delivery player in the UK to enable end-to-end delivery of Swiggy orders through cargo e-cycles. In addition to being pollution-free, the advantage of e-cycles is that they do not need immediate swapping or recharging when the battery runs out, it said. They can be charged on regular plug points or continue running on pedal power. The trials are currently running in Bengaluru, New Delhi and Hyderabad.

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