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Intelematics e-safety vehicle technology wins gold at design awards

An innovative e-safety vehicle technology, developed to save lives and improve emergency response times, has been awarded gold in two categories at the Melbourne Design Awards 2021.

The annual Melbourne Design Awards are run by Driven X Design – the world’s largest network of Design Award Programs, who also run the New York, London, Berlin and Paris Design Awards.

Intelematics follows in the footsteps of other innovative companies, including Volkswagen, who were also awarded gold in Product Design for their ID.3 electric car at this year’s Berlin Design Awards.

Nick Marks, CEO at Intelematics, said: “Around 1200 people die each year on Australian roads, and connectivity solutions can be key to helping reduce that toll. Better safety is arguably the most important innovation connectivity can deliver and we are proud to have the impact and benefits of the ASURE platform recognised at the Melbourne Design Awards.

“Intelematics has been at the forefront of connected vehicle technology since 1999. In that time, we have developed a deep and specialised knowledge of the domestic fleet market, which enables our team to design and deliver technologies which not only help business, but importantly improve driver, passenger and vehicle safety,” Marks adds.

The design of the ASURE platform was led by Intelematics Head of Design, Luke Allen with the aim of allowing drivers and vehicles to connect with essential assistance and services, even in SOS situations.

At the heart of the system are three core functions – emergency call (eCall), breakdown assistance (bCall) and stolen vehicle tracking (SVT). If activated, the system automatically dials a specialised contact centre where trained agents connect vehicle occupants to the required emergency service.

“The ASURE experience was meticulously crafted in-house by the Intelematics design team. The team had a clear aim to allow drivers and vehicles to connect with essential assistance as seamlessly as possible, because in an emergency every second counts,” Allen said.

Toyota Motor Corporation Australia (TMCA) uses Intelematics’ ASURE platform as a component of their vehicles Connected Safety & Security services.

Toyota Australia’s Vice President Sales, Marketing and Franchise Operations, Sean Hanley, said: “Having the ability to further protect the wellbeing of our customers through the delivery of connected safety and security services with the assistance of Intelematics’ Call Centre solutions and services is a wonderful addition to our vehicle technology.”

Intelematics ASURE was awarded Gold in Product Design and Technology and Service – Corporate. It was also awarded Silver in Digital – New Service or Application.

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