Press Release

IQST – iQSTEL announces new Electric Vehicle Division expanding on ALYI initiative

iQSTEL, Inc. announced the company has undertaken the launch of a new, dedicated Electric Vehicle Division to expand beyond the work started in conjunction with iQSTEL’s initiative with Alternet Systems, Inc..

iQSTEL is working with ALYI’s MODUS EV design team to create an EV-Battery, IoTSmartEV device and Motorcycle Dashboard Display.

Now iQSTEL plans to build a One-Stop-Shop (O-S-S) to offer an overall, comprehensive EV Battery solution to include Battery Chargers, Battery Management Software (BMS), integrated Internet of Things (IoT) and Motorcycle Dashboard Displays.

The new iQSTEL EV Battery Division will benefit ALYI with our investment in new resources and focus.  At the same time, it will diversify iQSTEL and expand our overall growth potential across Latin America and Africa.

Look for more news soon on our EV Battery Division business and marketing plan.

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