Press Release

J1939 add-in for the PCAN-Diag FD extends the handheld device to a J1939 monitor

For the handheld device PCAN-Diag FD from PEAK-System for diagnosing communication on a CAN bus, a separately available add-in is now available to also analyze J1939 data traffic. The SAE J1939 standard describes communication in utility vehicles via CAN.

The CAN data traffic is interpreted according to the included J1939 database and is represented in a way that is understandable for the user. In addition, the add-in includes functions such as the decoding of multi-packet messages, address claiming, and the handling of diagnostic information.

The J1939 Add-in is activated with a device-bound license file which can also be purchased afterwards for a PCAN-Diag FD. Updates for the included J1939 database are included for a period of 2 years.

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