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JAC Group partners with Huawei on autonomous driving sensors, smart cockpit

Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Co., Ltd., a state-controlled automaker based in Hefei, is carrying out all-round and in-depth collaboration with Huawei on such fields as core sensors for autonomous driving, MDC (Mobile Data Centers), and smart cockpit, the company recently said to reply a question raised on an investor service platform of Shanghai Stock Exchange.

The collaboration between two companies dated back to December 2019 when they inked a framework agreement for the teamwork on intelligent vehicle solutions, enterprise informatization, smart industrial park, and intelligent factory.

At the same time, both parties also struck a deal to conduct R&D or develop products based on Huawei’s MDC (Mobile Data Center) platform.

Based on the partnership, JAC Group wished to improve the intelligence level of its products based on a more advanced technical platform. Besides, by leveraging JAC’s advantages in automotive industry and Huawei’s strengths in 5G, AI and cloud, the duo planned to co-work on intelligent driving, smart cockpit, electrification, connectivity and cloud service, aiming to monetize relevant products and solutions as soon as possible and boost the development of smart transportation.

JAC Group is also one of the first 18 automakers joining the “5G auto ecosystem” Huawei initiated in May 2020 to accelerate the popularization of 5G technology in the automotive industry.

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