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Jungo announces VuDrive – a complete AI video telematics solution

Jungo introduces VuDrive, a complete aftermarket solution for fleets, Telematic Service Providers (TSPs) and distributors, providing camera-based driver monitoring, road risk analysis, video recording and cloud services.

Based on Jungo’s award-winning and patented CoDriver AI software, VuDrive’s dual-camera is an end-to-end AI video analytics solution for driver safety, including real-time driver monitoring alerts, road risk analysis, cloud services for fleet managers and APIs for TSPs to integrate into their own cloud. The VuDrive hardware is easy to install, affordable and without long term commitment.

VuDrive provides fleets real time alerts on risky driver and road events, and enables viewing complete safety information and driver scoring, both aggregated and per event, which includes real-time all driver notifications, video clip recordings of both the cabin interior and the road. This enables fleets to identify and improve risky drivers, and prevent potential future accidents.

VuDrive offers an affordable price and a flexible business model and is now generally available worldwide to fleets and TSP’s.

“VuDrive offers fleets an opportunity to ramp up their drivers safety levels, using world class AI that enables real time in-cabin and road alerts, aggregated driver scoring, and easy to use cloud services,” said Ophir Herbst, Chairman of Jungo. “VuDrive is now generally available, based on affordable hardware and subscription services, enabling AI video telematics at scale, and already proving to increase safety across multiple fleets.”

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