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KeepTruckin launches new AI-powered fuel hub to help fleets save on fuel costs

KeepTruckin, which is in fleet management technology, announced a new solution to help fleets save money on fuel and operate more efficiently, as the U.S. sees its highest gas prices since 2014. The Fuel Hub is a first-of-its-kind technology that uses high-frequency telematics data and artificial intelligence to analyze driver and vehicle efficiency, and identify actionable cost saving measures—driving significant bottom-line improvements for fleets.

KeepTruckin uses billions of data points produced every day from over 400,000 vehicles to gain rich insights into driver and vehicle factors that can impact fuel consumption, while also addressing environmental sustainability. The trucking industry’s emissions are responsible for 8% of the total annual carbon emissions in North America, so while fuel waste affects a fleet’s bottom-line, it also affects the environment. In order to combat both economic and environmental waste, the Fuel Hub uses proprietary AI models to review datasets in real time to pinpoint the driver behaviors and vehicle issues that are costly all around. These insights are then automatically surfaced in the Fuel Hub to create one consolidated view of consumption across an entire fleet.

In this fuel command-center, customers can easily identify trends and outliers, and benchmark performance against one of the largest networks of vehicles in North America to determine the true fuel efficiency profile of a driver or vehicle relative to their peers. Fleets can then automate coaching to modify driver behaviors that lead to poor fuel economy, or establish powerful incentive programs to retain top performers. These actionable insights can help fleets save up to 10% on annual fuel costs, providing a much-needed solution to the growing concern over surging gas prices.

“The Fuel Hub is the first AI-driven fuel efficiency program,” said Shoaib Makani, CEO of KeepTruckin. “Our 90,000 customers spent more than $5 billion on fuel last year. We know that with deeper context and visibility into the factors that affect fuel consumption, we can help our customers take a precise approach to manage their fuel spend and reduce waste, improving their bottom line while also reducing their carbon footprint.”

“We run winter blend fuel in the Northeast, which drives up our fuel cost,” said Vickey Witham, Safety Manager at Lynch Logistics, Inc. “This last year we were spending around $110,000 per month on fuel, and some months it’s higher than that. With insights from the Fuel Hub, we anticipate annual savings of at least six figures—which is money we get to invest toward other areas of the business.”

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