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Kodiak to equip 800 Loadsmith robotrucks with self-driving technology

Date: June 26, 2023

Kodiak has announced plans to equip 800 Loadsmith robotrucks with self-driving technology. The move marks a significant milestone in the development of autonomous trucking and highlights Kodiak’s commitment to advancing the field.

Kodiak has been at the forefront of self-driving technology for several years. Their partnership with Loadsmith, a truck manufacturer, aims to combine Kodiak’s advanced autonomous software with Loadsmith’s robust and reliable truck platforms to create a fleet of self-driving robotrucks.

The Kodiak Driver-equipped trucks will be delivered in the second half of 2025 and will transport cargo on interstate routes while human drivers handle local pickups and deliveries. In addition to easing concerns about a nationwide driver shortage, this partnership between Kodiak and Loadsmith promises to increase efficiency and safety for shippers.

Here is how the collaboration with Kodiak will function. According to Don Burnette, CEO and founder of Kodiak, Loadsmith will order the trucks from a dealership, and Kodiak will outfit them with its hardware and software-based self-driving technology. The trucks will be the property of Loadsmith, and Kodiak will charge a subscription fee each mile for its self-driving technology.

The integration of self-driving technology into Loadsmith’s robotrucks is expected to bring several benefits to the transportation industry. With autonomous capabilities, these vehicles can operate without the need for human drivers, enhancing safety, efficiency, and productivity. The technology is designed to optimize routes, improve fuel efficiency, and reduce operational costs, making it an attractive option for logistics companies seeking to streamline their operations.

By leveraging Kodiak’s autonomous driving technology, Loadsmith aims to enhance its freight management capabilities, improve delivery times, and optimize the supply chain. The integration of AI-powered autonomous trucks will enable Loadsmith to efficiently handle a larger volume of shipments while ensuring utmost safety on the roads.

By partnering autonomous long-haul trucks with local drivers, the alliance seeks to allay worries about a national driver shortage. The collaboration is poised to accelerate the adoption of autonomous trucking and pave the way for a future where self-driving vehicles are an integral part of the logistics and transportation ecosystem.

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