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LDRA announces online training platform for embedded professionals

LDRA, a global leader in standards compliance, automated software verification, source code analysis, and test tools, has announced the launch of an online training platform as part of the LDRA Competency Centre (LCC) to assist and encourage global businesses and professionals to upskill their knowledge in the safety and security domains anywhere, anytime.

Ian Hennell, Operations Director, LDRA, said, “With our decades-long pedigree and expertise in software best practices, we are thrilled to announce this online platform. We encourage every tech enthusiast to utilize this forum to learn more about safety, security, and business-critical industry standards, practices, and our tools.”

The LDRA Competency Centre (LCC) serves the embedded software industry by offering training programs and workshops to businesses and individuals in safety-, security-and mission-critical sectors, namely: aerospace, defence, automotive, rail, industrial, medical, etc. The online training platform is an extension of LCC that enables a personalized learning experience with short modules, industry expert trainers, informative training materials, and course completion certificates.

“In just two years, the learning paradigm has shifted dramatically, moving beyond traditional techniques. By engaging with industry, academia, and the professional communities, we have identified that skilling is one of the best ways to build our business. By establishing the online training platform as a part of the LCC, we intend to increase the accessibility and opportunity for embedded professionals and enterprises to upskill with our various industry-specific courses,” quotes Shinto Joseph, Director – Southeast Asia Operation, LDRA.

Training on MISRA C:2012 is now live on the platform. We will also introduce focused training on ISO 26262, LDRA tool suite®, CERT C, DO-178C, IEC 61508, and many more tailored programmes for industry-specific needs shortly.

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