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LeddarTech announces the Sensor Fusion and Perception Development Center grand opening in Tel Aviv, Israel, on June 9, 2022

LeddarTech®, a global leader in providing the most flexible, robust and accurate ADAS and AD sensing technology, is pleased to announce the official grand opening of LeddarTech’s Sensor Fusion and Perception Development Center in Tel Aviv, Israel, June 9 at 3:00 p.m. (IST).

The event will be hosted by Charles Boulanger, CEO of LeddarTech and Ronny Cohen, Vice-President and General Manager of ADAS and AD Sensor Fusion and Perception. In addition to welcoming guests and dignitaries to the center, this event is also a celebration of our highly skilled and professional engineers and their contributions to our technology development.

The event will be operated in a casual mixer style with food, drinks and giveaways. There will also be a guest speaker presentation from Dr. Ami Appelbaum, Chairman of the Innovation Authority and Chief Scientist at the Ministry of Economy and Industry in Israel, who will discuss “Smart Mobility – Israel’s Potential, Opportunities and Risks.” In addition, guests will have the opportunity to meet the team, network and view demonstrations of the LeddarVision™ sensor fusion and perception platform. This platform enables Level 2-5 ADAS and AD on-road and off-road vehicles. LeddarVision combines AI and computer vision technologies and deep neural networks with computational efficiency to scale up the performance of ADAS/AD sensors and hardware essential for planning the driving path while providing safer autonomous driving with better detection.

“I am very proud to host this event in Israel,” stated Mr. Charles Boulanger, CEO of LeddarTech. “Our team in Israel, supported by our R&D facilities in Quebec and Ontario, has done an extraordinary job developing groundbreaking raw data fusion and perception technology.” Mr. Boulanger continued: “The Sensor Fusion and Perception Development Center in Tel Aviv marks a real achievement for LeddarTech as we continue to expand and engage with some of the best talent in the world,” Mr. Boulanger concluded.

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