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LG unveils futuristic mobility concepts

LG Electronics has unveiled its Mobility Labworks Series, a two digital cockpit concepts and three display kiosk concepts. That aim to enhance the in-vehicle experience and offer unprecedented levels of personalization. The series,was presented at the IAA Mobility 2023 event in Munich, Germany. This collection of innovative concepts that showcase the company’s vision for the future of mobility.

The company is determined to improve the user experience in the vehicle space. It has the advantage of being able to draw on decades of insight from its consumer electronics businesses. Furthermore, LG is already enhancing the in-vehicle experience with breakthroughs including its digital cockpit technology. This boosts convenience and safety with its interactive displays and intuitive controls. The company is also promoting safety with in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) integrated features such as seamless smartphone connection and voice recognition. This enabling drivers to use their devices without taking their eyes, or their focus, off the road.

To see what the future mobility experience envisioned by LG looks like, and explore the unprecedented level of personalization. Check out the Mobility Labworks Series, which LG’s official website and social media channels offer.

Themed Experience Future Mobility Your Way, LG)s Mobility Labworks Series introduces a range of cutting-edge technology concepts. The potential to reshape the way people experience travel. Moreover, the series includes two distinct digital cockpit concepts, Alpha and Beta, along with three display kiosk concepts. Min & Max Display, Pop & Fold Display and Flex & Slide Display.

With the Min & Max Display, users get to adjust the size of the in-car display to suit their preferences. They can choose whether they want Minimum Display mode or Maximum display mode at any time. The Minimum Display mode shows essential driving information, while the Maximum display mode shows a full range of real-time information via a Pillar to Pillar P-OLED screen. Helmut users make the most of their cabin space, the Pop & Fold Display only pops out when needed. It storing neatly away for a more spacious interior when not in use. Lastly, the Flex & Slide Display offers increased flexibility as it can change its shape, curving and flexing to smoothly shift from a regular screen into a responsive touch interface.

The Mobility Labworks Series highlights LG’s aim to provide innovative technologies, in collaboration with carmakers, that help create better customer experiences for end-users. Moreover, a trusted partner to global automobile brands, LG continues to leverage its advanced technological capabilities to supply its customers with high-performance, reliable products, reliable products. LG delivered on time and completed to the highest standard possible.

“In the rapidly evolving automotive industry, where the latest trends revolve around CASE, or ‘Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric,’ LG has been leading the vehicle components sector,” said Alexio Rhee, head of Sales and Marketing Division at the LG VS Company. “With a decade of experience under our belts, and a wealth of knowledge and customer insight brought over from our diverse consumer electronics businesses, we have what it takes to drive future mobility innovation to a very exciting place, as demonstrated in our Mobility Labworks Series.”

To learn more about the technologies presented in the Mobility Labworks Series, visit the LG VS company’s website and LinkedIn Page.

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