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MG Gloster Luxury SUV will launch in India, have level 1 autonomous driving and automatic parking

MG Motor India is set to bring its next offering to the Indian market in the form of the Gloster SUV. Due to be unveiled around Diwali 2020, it is now hinted that the full-sized luxury SUV will also come with advanced driver assistance technology that will let the car drive on its own.

The highlight of this technology will be the Auto Park Assist feature. The feature has been confirmed recently in a teaser video by MG that shows the interiors of the upcoming car, as well as the feature in all its glory.

The teaser video shows the Gloster SUV park itself in a parallel parking space, without any input from the driver. Showcasing the feature, the company claims the Gloster to be “India’s First Autonomous Level-1 Premium SUV.”

For those unaware, the Auto Park Assist, when activated, locates a spot for parking and then automatically steers the vehicle into the designated spot without any input from the driver. The feature is a part of ADAS (Advanced driver assistance technologies) on the MG Gloster.

Other features which are expected to be included in the ADAS are an adaptive cruise control as well as a forward-collision warning system with braking assist.

What more to expect?

There are other hints about the SUV dropped in the teaser video. One, for instance, shows that the new MG SUV will come with an option of captain seats for the second row. It will have a connected car solution for controlling several of its functions like engine start/ stop, headlights on/ off remotely.

Inside, the most expensive offering by MG will have plush leather upholstery with a 12.3-inch floating touchscreen that will have an iSmart connectivity suite and a voice assistant. Right beside this is a semi-digital instrument panel with a large TFT multi-information display (MID).

Reports indicate that the MG Gloster will be powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged diesel engine coupled to only an automatic transmission option. It might feature a price tag upwards of Rs 40 lakh (ex-showroom) in India.

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