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MICHELIN DDi selects Otonomo to advance road safety solutions

Otonomo Technologies Ltd. announced that MICHELIN DDi (Driving Data to Intelligence), the business unit within Michelin Group specialized in driving behavior data analysis, has selected Otonomo to advance the development of its near-miss zone identification service in Europe. MICHELIN DDi will leverage acceleration and deceleration connected vehicle data events available through the Otonomo Smart Mobility Data Platform to identify potential accident hot spots and help European road authorities reduce risk and improve road safety for drivers, beginning in France and followed by additional countries across Europe.

“Otonomo is an important partner in our strategy to turn mobility data into actionable insights for our European customers,” said Philippe Armand, CEO MICHELIN DDi and VP Michelin Mobility Intelligence. “Using connected vehicle data and our advanced contextualization and data science expertise, we are able to deliver insights that can improve road and driver safety. We look forward to our collaboration with Otonomo to help more European customers and road managers implement preventive road safety plans and make mobility safer for everyone.”

Through the Otonomo Smart Mobility Data Platform, Otonomo will supply MICHELIN DDi with data sets on harsh braking and acceleration events from millions of connected vehicles. MICHELIN DDi will then leverage its own expertise on driving behavior and lateral acceleration analysis to develop a near-miss zone identification service, enabling European customers to identify roads with concentrations of atypical driving behavior and areas where accidents have been narrowly missed. These insights allow customers to identify areas of road safety concern that would have been difficult or impossible to detect from accident reports alone. Customers can then prioritize the necessary corrective actions to move from accident detection to accident prevention.

“As an innovative leader in mobility and data science, MICHELIN DDi is well aligned with our vision to empower the future of mobility,” said Ben Volkow, CEO and co-founder of Otonomo. “Through our collaboration, MICHELIN DDi will be able to further enrich its data sources as the company continues building solutions to create smarter and safer mobility.”

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