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Microsoft Teams to launch on Android Auto in February

Date: January 16, 2024. Microsoft has announced that its popular video conferencing platform, Teams, will be available on Android Auto from next month. Android Auto is an app that connects Android phones to the car’s existing infotainment system. It allows drivers to access various features and apps on their phone through the car’s display and controls.

According to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, Teams for Android Auto will enable users to “join meetings and make calls” from the calendar view. The company has not revealed whether the app will also support other Teams functions. These functions include messaging, file sharing, or data collaboration. Users are advised to avoid engaging in complex work tasks while driving, and to focus on the road.

Microsoft Teams is one of the world’s most popular video conferencing solutions. This is particularly true since the COVID-19 pandemic compelled many individuals to work from home. The app has over 250 million monthly active users. It provides a variety of features like chat, audio and video chats, screen sharing, whiteboard, polling, and more.

The integration of Teams and Android Auto will allow users to stay connected and productive while on the go. However, Microsoft is not the first to provide such a service. Google announced the integration of other video conferencing systems, including Zoom and Webex, with Android Auto during its I/O 2023 event in May. The developers released both apps for Android Auto in September 2023.

More than 200 million cars worldwide use the Android Auto platform extensively. Other apps like YouTube, The Weather Channel, and even games for passengers or while the car is parked are all available on the platform. Another product from Google is an operating system for cars that is fully functional and operates on the hardware, known as Android Automotive. Many automakers have included Android Automotive into their models, including GM, Volvo, Honda, and Chevrolet.

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