NEC India gets UPSRTC project on vehicle location tracking

Date: August 9, 2023. NEC India has been selected to be the Master System Integrator for installation of vehicle tracking device and emergency button in Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) buses.

The primary focus of this project is on incorporating vehicle tracking technologies for the safety of bus passengers. The project’s key features are real-time bus tracking and enhancing passenger experiences for better service.

The UPSRTC project aims to modernize the state’s public transportation system through advanced technologies, improving efficiency, safety, and passenger experience. NEC India’s pivotal role involves orchestrating the integration of various subsystems, such as intelligent transportation systems, fleet management, and passenger information systems.

This project involves installing AIS 140 compliant Vehicle Location Tracking (VLT) devices and emergency safety buttons in UPSRTC buses. Additionally, it aims to track the entire fleet using the Uttar Pradesh state tracking platform. Around 100 key bus stations in the state will install big screens for real-time updates, benefiting passengers with information.

UPSRTC headquarters in Lucknow will have the ‘Integrated command and control’. Besides the central command structure, UPSRTC’s regional headquarters will also construct 20 regional viewing centers.

The project’s scope involves the deployment of real-time tracking and monitoring solutions, data analytics platforms, and communication networks to enable seamless coordination between different aspects of the public transportation system. By implementing these advanced technologies, UPSRTC aims to provide commuters with safer, more reliable, and comfortable travel options.

Urban and rural transportation will benefit from this UPSRTC project. It will help in reducing congestion, improving operational efficiency, and contributing to environmental sustainability.

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