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NEOLIX raises 600M yuan in series C funding

Date: Mrach 28, 2024.NEOLIX, a Chinese company which is into unmanned delivery vehicles, has secured 600 million yuan ($83 million USD) in Series C financing.

The funding round had participation from investors including CICC Huirong, Qianhai FoF, CICC Qiyang, E-Town Capital, and Shell Ventures. NEOLIX plans to leverage these funds to accelerate research and development (R&D) of its autonomous driving technology. It also aims to expand nationwide deployment of its unmanned delivery vehicles.

NEOLIX has already made significant strides in the unmanned delivery space. They boast a growing fleet, with their latest innovation, the X3, achieving a top speed of 40 km/h (25 mph) while navigating public urban roads. The X3 features a centralized integrated architecture that streamlines functionality and enhances reliability. Furthermore, the vehicle is also equipped with industry-leading multi-modal BEV space 4D temporal fusion perception technology. It also features two LiDAR units for 360-degree environment perception, ensuring the safety of autonomous driving.

This injection of capital positions NEOLIX to play a significant role in transforming last-mile delivery into a safer, more efficient, and sustainable process.

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