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Nexperia launches new 600 V discrete IGBTs

Empowering power electronics designers with robust, 175 °C qualified IGBTs with fully rated fast recovery diodes.

Nijmegen, July 5, 2023: Nexperia, the essential semiconductor expert, launched its entry to
the insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) market with a range of 600 V devices, starting with the 30
A NGW30T60M3DF. By adding IGBTs to its extensive portfolio, Nexperia is addressing the growing
demand for efficient, high-voltage switching devices with a range of performance and cost
requirements. These enable higher power density in power conversion and motor drive applications,
including industrial motor drives like servo motors ranging from 5 to 20 kW (20 kHz), robotics,
elevators, operating grippers, in-line manufacturing, power inverters, uninterruptible power supply
(UPS), photovoltaic (PV) strings, EV-charging, and induction heating and welding.

IGBT is a relatively mature technology. Nonetheless, the market for these devices is expected to grow
in line with the increased adoption of solar panels and electric vehicle (EV) chargers. Nexperia’s 600 V
IGBTs feature a robust, cost-effective carrier-stored trench-gate advanced field-stop (FS)
construction, providing exceptionally low conduction and switching loss performance with high levels
of ruggedness in operating temperatures up to 175°C. This improves the efficiency and reliability of
power inverters, induction heaters, welding equipment and industrial applications like motor drives
and servos, robotics, elevators, operating grippers, and in-line manufacturing.

Designers can choose between the medium speed (M3) and high speed (H3) series IGBTs. These
IGBTs have been designed with very tight parameter distributions, allowing multiple devices to
connect safely in parallel. In addition, lower thermal resistance than competing devices enables them
to provide higher output power. These IGBTs are also fully rated as soft fast reverse-recovery diodes.
This means they are suitable for rectifier and bi-directional circuit applications or to protect against
overcurrent conditions.

“With the release of these IGBTs, Nexperia provides designers with a greater choice of power-
switching devices for a broad range of power applications”, according to Dr. Ke Jiang, General
Manager Business Group Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistors & Modules at Nexperia. “IGBTs are the
ideal complement to Nexperia’s existing range of CMOS and wide-bandgap switching devices, making
Nexperia a one-stop-shop for power electronics designers.”

These IGBTs are available in a standard, lead-free, TO247-3L package and are HV-H3TRB qualified for
outdoor applications. Nexperia plans to follow this release with a series of 1200 V IGBTs. To learn
more about Nexperia’s IGBTs, visit: https://www.nexperia.com/igbts

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