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Next.e.GO Mobile becomes the independent BEV manufacturer to enable its customers trade their CO2 certificates

Next.e.GO Mobile SE, the independent German manufacturer of innovative and sustainable urban electric vehicles, announced that it will enable its customers to trade their GHG quota (CO2 certificates). Together with the partner, Fairnergy, e.GO Mobile offers simple and fast processing of the sale of the GHG quota via its e.GO Connect app or Website. e.GO Life owners can currently get up to 300 Euros per year from the sale of their GHG quota. The benefits from the sale of certificates are credited to the customer. In addition, e.GO together with Fairnergy offer the customers the opportunity to use all or part of this credit, directly via the platform, to support selected sustainable projects and with that making a true and lasting contribution to an emission free energy transition.

– e.GO Mobile selected Fairnergy as the first official partner.

– e.GO Mobile will use the monetary credit from trading CO2 certificate of its existing company fleet to support sustainable projects.

Several directives and initiatives have been focused on addressing emissions reduction objectives across the continent by promoting a cost-effective and economically efficient solutions. EU ETS has been the world’s first installation-level ‘cap-and-trade’ system for cutting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. EU Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) was introduced to address GHG reduction targets. And Germany’s National ETS (nETS) regulatory framework that came into effect in 2021 aimed at complementing the EU ETS paving the way for the greenhouse gas reduction quota (GHG quota) that are legally assigned to a pure battery electric vehicle could be traded and sold.

To simplify the process and enable the customers benefit from buying and using e.GO Life – our pure battery electric vehicle – e.GO Mobile has joined forces with Fairnergy and become the first independent battery electric vehicle manufacturer to offer its customers in Germany an integrated, digital and seamless solution.

“Leveraging our disruptive technology and innovation to drive emission-free urban mobility has been our north star. Including our customers in this journey and enabling them to benefit from their responsible choice, having opted for one of the most sustainable urban BEVs, is something that we also take very seriously at e.GO. By becoming the first independent BEV that offers its customers GHG quota trading, we are taking another important step towards making electro mobility even more attractive. Together with our truly sustainable partner we make the process as seamless and efficient as possible for our customers,” said Ali Vezvaei, Chairman of the Board at Next.e.GO Mobile SE.

Next.e.GO Mobile will donate the monetary benefit from the GHG quota trade of company’s existing fleet, to support sustainable projects.

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