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Nikola launches hydrogen fuel cell truck

PHOENIX – September 28, 2023 — Nikola Corporation (Nasdaq: NKLA), a zero-emissions transportation and energy supply and infrastructure solutions, via its HYLA brand, achieved a significant milestone. It celebrated the commercial launch of the Nikola hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Coolidge, Ariz.

Fleet customers, dealers from Nikola’s sales and service network, and government officials attended the ceremony. It also saw the presence of prominent Phoenix business and community leaders. The dedicated Nikola team, who played a pivotal role in making this achievement possible, was in attendance as well. The event also included remarks from Nikola executives and Sandra Watson, President and CEO of Arizona Commerce Authority. There were truck and hydrogen demonstrations, sustainability impact overviews, and production line tours. Additionally, attendees had the opportunity for informal technology Q&As with Nikola engineers. These discussions covered topics such as hydrogen safety, the HYLA ecosystem, and the Nikola human-machine interface system.

“Today, we mark the official commercial launch of our advanced technology hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks into the North American marketplace. It’s a testament to the relentless ‘can do’ attitude of our team. It is a step closer to realizing our vision of sustainable and efficient transportation,” said Steve Girsky, Nikola President and Chief Executive Officer. “As we head into the fourth quarter, we are focused on delivering our trucks at scale. We are also securing our position as pioneers in the hydrogen refueling ecosystem to support our customers.”

Nikola’s ground-breaking hydrogen fuel cell electric truck features a range of up to 500 miles. It has an estimated fueling time as low as 20 minutes. The truck expectes to possess one of the longest ranges among all commercially available zero tailpipe emission Class 8 trucks. It has versatile applications ranging from drayage and intermodal to metro-regional truckload and less-than-truckload. It is also suitable for certain specialized hauling use cases.

Progressing steadily towards its strategic goals, Nikola and its dealers have received 223 non-binding orders for its hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks. These orders come from 23 customers. Notable fleet operators such as J.B. HuntAJR Trucking, Biagi Bros. and TTSI, are among the growing list of customers committing to the future of sustainable trucking.

The completion of Phase 2 assembly expansion at the Coolidge manufacturing facility sets the stage for a new era in transportation. With a versatile mixed-model production line capable of manufacturing both hydrogen fuel cell and battery-electric trucks. The facility stands ready to achieve an annual production capacity of approximately 2,400 trucks across three shifts.

Progress is also evident on the fuel cell power module assembly line in Coolidge. It is scheduled for completion in Q4 of this year, with Bosch supplying these critical modules.

“We are proud to celebrate the launch of Nikola’s innovative hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle production facility in Coolidge,” said Sandra Watson, President and CEO of the Arizona Commerce Authority. “Nikola’s investment in Arizona’s electric vehicle supply chain and their partnership with leading suppliers are driving further economic growth. We look forward to supporting Nikola’s success as the company continues to shape the future of transportation from Coolidge.”


In addition to production milestones, the latest state and federal incentives nationwide. Make it even more economically viable to be a Nikola customer. Nikola trucks are eligible for the California Air Resources Board Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project. They opening up access to incentives starting at $120,000 and ranging up to $288,000 per truck. Additionally, the recently reopened Innovative Small e-Fleet program in Calif. It offers incentives to small fleets starting at $240,000 and ranging up to $408,000 per vehicle.

Furthermore, the New York Truck Voucher Incentive Program offers additional incentives for Nikola Class 8 zero-emission vehicles. The federal Incentives for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Zero-Emission Vehicles Program (iMHZEV) in Canada also provides incentives for these vehicles. Additionally, the Clean BC Go Electric Rebates in the province of British Columbia, which combines with the iMHZEV federal incentive, offer further incentives for Nikola Class 8 zero-emission vehicles.

Nikola customers will also benefit from a $40,000 clean commercial vehicle tax credit per vehicle from the federal government. This is due to the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act.


Nikola is accelerating toward its goal of mass-producing hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks, and the HYLA team is committed to securing a reliable hydrogen supply. This is to meet the demands of 2023 and beyond. They achieve this by collaborating with partners who share in the vision for a sustainable and efficient future.

The company’s potential grant funds will support the continuous development of hydrogen refueling stations along critical California freight corridors. The company has also announced a joint effort with Voltera to establish up to 50 HYLA stations across North America. They plan to execute this initiative over the next five years.

“As we receive these significant grants and form strategic partnerships, we’re forging ahead on our mission to build a comprehensive zero-emission transportation solution,” said Joe Cappello, Nikola President of Energy. “The support from state agencies, such as California, incentives in Canada, and others, underscores our combined commitment to help fleets meet climate goals. It also aims to improve air quality in the most critical areas. It’s a testament to the strength of HYLA’s vision for an integrated hydrogen ecosystem. This vision supports not only our hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks but also lays the foundation for a scalable energy business.”

With these awards and collaborations, Nikola is firmly on track to create an open network of commercial hydrogen refueling stations, initially in Calif. Nikola plans to expand this network across North America. HYLA is actively deploying a versatile fleet of hydrogen mobile fuelers, ensuring adaptable infrastructure deployment wherever it’s needed most.

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