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Ridecell and Tesloop Work Together

Tesloop’s new one-way Tesla car sharing service in now also available between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, in addition to its existing route between Los Angeles and San Diego.

Tesla fleet car sharing company is working with the platform provider for shared and autonomous mobility operators, Ridecell for this. The company’s Fleet Ops platform will be used to ensure the Tesla fleet operates efficiently and provide predictive analytics on car maintenance, location, charging needs and worker dispatch. Together, the two companies provide on-time, high-quality service for travelers.

“You don’t have to own a Tesla to experience one with Tesloop’s affordable, flexible, and convenient alternative to planes, trains and personal automobiles when traveling between regional cities,” said Haydn Sonnad, founder of Tesloop. “Customers can reserve their Tesla and enjoy the driving experience with Tesla’s autopilot feature and advanced entertainment system. Once they arrive, they can drop off the car without worrying about recharging or daily rental costs.”

The Tesloop fleet consists of Tesla Model X, Model S and Model 3 cars equipped with the Autopilot feature. Customers submit a rental request online and once approved a Tesloop Concierge assists customers in completing the booking and provides the final rental itinerary.

Ridecell Fleet Ops manages fleet tasks, including scheduled and dynamic job creation for charging, maintenance, cleaning and dispatching the cars for pick-up. Teslas require to be recharged at least twice a day. The Ridecell platform analyzes and predicts fleet charge and maintenance needs to ensure customers always have a clean and fully-charged car that is delivered at the right place, on-time.

Having predictive analytics on drive times, customer patterns, maintenance of the fleet and worker dispatch will help Tesloop maintain the same high-quality customer service even as it ramps up operations and adds more cars and support for more cities.

Source: Press Release

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