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Nilesh Chauhan: India automotive market has potential to be in top 3 in coming years

Telematics Wire reached out to industry leaders seeking their views about the connected vehicle ecosystem in India. Below are views shared by Nilesh Chauhan, Valtech Mobility India, on some of the points.

Connected vehicle ecosystem in India

India is now world’s top 4 automotive market with potential to be top 3 in coming years.

Awareness about connected features in market seems to be slowly turning into customer demand, though the connected vehicle eco- system needs to materialise. Offering online services, for example audio streaming into vehicle as a single application doesn’t require any eco-system. However, the connected car eco-system plays an important role, when it comes to offering V2X service or vehicle data collection and data monetisation use cases such as usage-based insurance and so on. Connected vehicle eco-systems require tier 1 suppliers offering required hardware such as control units and sensors with possibility of easy integration and testing, alongside on-board connectivity provider utilising local MNOs. Some of the technology can be taken from an already advanced market. It is an objective of multiple tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers to establish a great connected eco- system including creating regulations and policies by governance.

Services and applications around connected vehicle
Lots of meaningful use cases can be offered. To mention few are:

  • ●  Connected entertainment experience
  • ●  Purposeful and reliable route planning
  • ●  Predictive maintenance
  • ●  Usage based insurance
  • ●  Safety feature / vehicle tracking Road improvements leveragingdata collected by vehicles Remote services …

Data storage and security

A dedicated data policy for Indian Subcontinent is inevitable. The more this market grows, the more data is to be generated and it will require a certain regulatory framework that protects the Indian Users from misuse of their own data, as it can contain sensitive geo- location data, preferences, etc. So, definitely the ownership of data lies with each individual user and it should be up-to that individual whether or not to share the data for a given purpose.

Collected data should have a great security level. There are certain regulations like UNECE that describes security as well. My view is to work with international organisations to have a common standard that could help all, the users, the OEMs as well B2B data consumers. I believe the potential on data monetisation possibilities are yet not yet determined in the market. One of our own developed products, Ridewise is an example how OEMs can make money with the data

Expectations from the government in terms of policy and regulatory changes, if any-
As mentioned earlier, from Indian government, I expect some standardisation and co-operation with international institutions creating such policies and regulations like UNECE.

Furthermore, certain lifesaving services like emergency call could be a mandate for the carmakers in India.

Valtech Mobility @Connected Vehicle Ecosystem

Valtech Mobility has an unparalleled and proven record of creating a connected car eco-system for more than 10 international carmakers including cloud, integration into infotainment and telematics units, mobile apps for remote services as well as providing more than 60 different online services into 25+ Million cars in 65 different countries. We bring a well-established and reliable partner network of known tier 1 suppliers, offering required infotainment control units, telematics control units, content providers for information, entertainment, streaming purposes, (v)MNO and many more…

We can bring our technology know how, to this market and help realise the required user experience.

Views shared by: Nilesh Chauhan, VP Business Development and Operation, Valtech Mobility India

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