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NIO’s 100kWh battery offers NEDC range of 615km

On November 6, Chinese EV startup NIO launched its 100kWh battery pack that is able to provide a NEDC range of up to 615km for NIO models.

With over 300 patents filed and gained, the 100kWh battery features the CTP (cell-to-pack) technology jointly developed with CATL, which helps achieve 37% higher energy density, according to NIO. Thanks to the thermal propagation prevention design, the newly-launched battery realizes better thermal runaway management. Besides, the highly integrated design can streamline the manufacturing process by 40% and improves space utilization by 19.8%, and the all-climate thermal management can improve performance and extends the service life of the battery.

NIO said it will kick off the pre-order of the models powered by the 100kWh battery on November 7. Users of the 70kWh battery can opt to either buy out the new battery at one go, or flexibly upgrade to it by paying 880 yuan ($130) per month or 7,980 yuan ($1,190) per year.

Prior to the 100kWh battery, NIO has launched the BaaS (Battery-as-a-Service) for the subscription of 70kWh battery. NIO’s users who choose the BaaS service can subscribe to batteries of different capacity according to their actual needs and pay the fee on a monthly basis rather than buying batteries.

The service will render the cost of using EVs more affordable. If users decide to purchase a NIO’s vehicle and subscribe to use the 70kWh battery pack under the BaaS model, they can enjoy the vehicle purchase price with a 70,000 yuan ($10,450) deduction off the original price and pay a monthly fee of 980 yuan ($146) for the battery pack. Meanwhile, the users will still enjoy the purchase tax exemption and government NEV subsidies.

“The BaaS model has long been planned with our unique battery swap technologies. The successful launch of the BaaS model will enable NIO users to benefit from the lower initial purchase prices of our products, flexible battery upgrade options and assurance of battery performance,” said William Bin Li.

Under the BaaS model, a user who buys a car powered by the 100kWh battery can enjoy 128,000 yuan ($19,105) off the price with subscription for 1,480 yuan ($220) per month.

NIO has already deployed 158 battery swap stations nationwide and offered over 1.18 million battery swapping services, according to NIO.

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