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NXP to provide SpectralX in its mobility solutions for EVs

 Qnovo, the market player in e-mobility battery management software, today announced a collaboration with NXP® Semiconductors. NXP will offer Qnovo’s new innovation for electrified mobility, SpectralX©, in its e-mobility enablement solutions for electric vehicles (EV) in 2023. SpectralX is intelligent battery management system (BMS) software that uses predictive analytics to improve battery performance, range, and safety in several types of EVs with any type of lithium-ion battery.

Qnovo is working with NXP on a reference design to ensure the seamless integration of Qnovo’s software with the NXP BMS and onboard charger hardware. A validated design means software, hardware and tools work together, reducing development costs for electric vehicles. In addition, it makes fast charging possible without compromising battery health. SpectralX also adds predictive capabilities to NXP’s BMS and supports swappable batteries. SpectralX has a small memory footprint that leaves room for other features, while the NXP secure boot prevents code tampering and enables secure code delivery, the key to mass-market adoption.

NXP will offer Qnovo’s new SpectralX© Battery Management Software in its e-mobility enablement solutions for EVs

SpectralX is a software-only solution that works as an application layer in the operating system, residing on top of a manufacturer’s existing BMS with an efficient footprint, deploying in a matter of weeks in a vehicle. With the addition of Qnovo’s Battery Genome©, a data library of battery models for a broad range of cell chemistries and manufacturers, helps automate the cell selection process and save time in battery qualification.

“Our collaboration with NXP will help resolve some of the major barriers to the market adoption of electric vehicles, especially in emerging markets. This collaboration builds on our work with the world’s top automotive OEMs, addressing range anxiety, safety and battery charging time concerns.”

Nadim Maluf, CEO and Co-Founder of Qnovo.

About Qnovo

Since 2010, Qnovo has enabled the electrification revolution with its intelligent battery management software and predictive analytics that improves the performance of electric vehicles, energy storage systems, and consumer devices with enhanced health and safety. Qnovo is working with the world’s top automotive OEMs, holds over 50 patents in the space, and the first generation of Qnovo technology is on more than 150 million smartphones worldwide. The company is headquartered in Milpitas, California. Its investors include BorgWarner, OGCI Climate Investments, Constellation Technology Ventures, BlueRun Ventures, U.S. Venture Partners and RockPort Capital. Visit www.qnovo.com.

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