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OBIGO launches automotive AppStore for AAOS

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–OBIGO, a mobility service platform provider, announced its plan to launch an AppStore dedicated for Android Automotive OS (AAOS) and will be shown on their website on June 20th, 2023. The AppStore will provide OEMs with a highly configurable and dynamic application distribution experience allowing for region and model-specific releases.

OBIGO’s unique AppStore will provide various applications and services including music and video streaming, radio, podcasts, gaming, navigation, parking, EV charging, remote work, and future-proof mobility experiences. Furthermore, the company is seeking to grow into a dominant leader in the mobility market by providing driver-specific infotainment services and specialized solutions for various vehicle environments.

OBIGO has already secured numerous global partners including but not limited: Sygic, a navigation and location-based service provider, DRiEV, a next generation trip planning, route optimization and navigation solution for EVs, Trebble FM, a daily Shortcast service with curated contents, Weather forecast service, Yonhap News, a Korean major news agency, Carrot, a car insurance service determining insurance premiums based on driving patterns and behavior and Radioline, an audio streaming service providing the most complete radio stations and podcasts database from over 161 countries. The company is still exploring further partnerships and plans to continue expanding their global network into the future.

OBIGO has been leading the world’s first automotive AppStore business since 2016. The company aims to further strengthen its business ties with diverse global partners and expand its market share in the rapidly growing automotive app service market through the launch of the AAOS AppStore.

OBIGO will also offer a seamless app development experience through its open developer portal platform. The portal will offer comprehensive usage analytics and assist partners in developing, validating, and distributing applications. This will enable OBIGO’s partners to reach a larger global market and further increase their revenue.

“The automotive AppStore for AAOS represents OBIGO’s first step in becoming a global mobility service platform provider. We plan to provide a variety of enjoyable services and experiences to drivers through the many applications provided by the AppStore. Our ultimate goal is to expand the AppStore into an all-encompassing service capable of meeting the many diverse needs of the autonomous vehicle market.”

David Do-yeon Hwang, CEO of OBIGO
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