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OCTO Smart KeyLess gets updated features

OCTO is offering updated features in its Smart KeyLess solution; that is supported by OCTO’s proprietary technology. It allows operators and users to profit from a touchless rental process with a fast and straightforward wire-free installation. Services now remain entirely unaffected by the absence of GSM coverage, which can occurs when the vehicle is parked in a garage.

Smart Keyless solution can be installed in less than 15 minutes, by connecting the OCTO telematic device to the vehicle’s OBD socket and linking it to an OCTO SmartKey. This smart key then replaces the factory keys originally furnished with the vehicle with all security and convenience functions, both electronic and mechanical. The vehicle is now ready to be used with OCTO KeyLess, a dedicated smartphone application that permits users to unlock and lock the car doors with none other types of contact with the car. Additionally, the fleet manager is able to manage the car remotely, and take advantage of all the Fleet Telematics features offered by OCTO.

OCTO Telematics launched key less solution in 2017. Today, it has about 400,000 users.

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