Vehicle Telematics

Otonomo partners with Renault Group for fleet modernization

Otonomo Technologies Ltd. announced a multi-year partnership with Renault Group. Under the agreement, in partnership with Renault Group, Otonomo will provide to its fleet customers easier and cost-effective access to rich, actionable vehicle data insights across multiple vehicle brands. Unlike other solutions that require aftermarket hardware such as an on-board diagnostics (OBD) dongle to be installed to gain access to the telemetry data, Otonomo is able to access the vehicle data directly from Renault Group through Renault’s cloud platform, Easy Connect for Fleet, solutions dedicated to fleet management. Moving from hardware to software-based telematics can reduce installation and maintenance costs for fleet customers as well as time spent managing these aftermarket devices.

Otonomo is one of the first major multi-brand software platforms to partner with Renault Group that does not require aftermarket hardware to be installed to access fleet vehicle data. Otonomo delivers this data through open APIs and a proprietary data normalization process, reducing the customer’s need for intensive engineering investments. Delivering vehicle data through a single platform reduces complexity and administrative costs for fleet operators.

“Working with Renault Group is another important milestone that will drive future fleet business models, strengthen our fleet offering and continue innovating in the automotive and mobility sectors leveraging their extensive connected vehicle data,” said Ben Volkow, CEO and co-founder at Otonomo. “This partnership not only enables Renault Group to expand its portfolio to serve new multi-brand fleet owners, but also enriches our Smart Mobility Data Platform, which helps our customers focus on value creation instead of data pipelining and connectivity engineering.”

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