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Parkopedia partners with Plugsurfing to provide seamless in-car payments for over 500,000 EV chargers

New collaboration brings together Parkopedia’s Payment Platform in-car commerce functionality and Plugsurfing’s Drive API, which allows drivers direct access to the company’s network of chargers across Europe

Drivers will be able to benefit from a simplified process of finding and paying for charging, with in-car payments available at over 500,000 Plugsurfing-enabled charge points

This partnership combines Parkopedia’s connected car services and in-car payments expertise with Plugsurfing’s extensive charging network, providing an end-to-end service to automakers and their drivers

12 June 2023 – London, UK / Berlin, Germany

Parkopedia has partnered with Plugsurfing to integrate Plugsurfing’s most comprehensive solution, Drive API, into Parkopedia’s in-car Payment Platform. This makes it easy for drivers to locate, start, and pay for charging at over 500,000 charge points across Europe and the UK, using high-quality, verified Parkopedia data. Charging sessions can also be started and paid for remotely or within the vehicle. This offers maximum value for drivers, with automotive-grade data and in-car commerce functionality integrated into vehicle infotainment systems, providing drivers with a seamless parking and charging experience through Parkopedia’s EV service ‘Park and Charge’.

Plugsurfing is Europe’s leading eMSP (eMobility Service Provider) and the new partnership with Parkopedia sees the companies working together to make it easier for motorists to accurately find chargers and pay for charging sessions by bringing this service into the vehicle. This partnership provides access to the most comprehensive network of chargers across Europe and addresses the main pain points experienced by EV drivers.

This new collaboration sees Plugsurfing handling all payments and ensuring PCI compliance as the ‘Merchant of Record’, while Parkopedia plays an orchestration role, combining EV charging payments with broader in-car payment services, covering vehicle-centric services such as parking, through Parkopedia’s Single Sign-on Payment Platform. This combines both companies’ expertise and offers automakers and drivers a seamless end-to-end activation and payment solution for public charging across Europe.

Duncan Licence, Chief Product Officer at Parkopedia, said: “Parkopedia and Plugsurfing offer complementary services to EV drivers and this partnership enables automakers to benefit from the valuable combination of a substantial charging network, extensive parking and charging data and end-to-end in-car payment services. These are unified as part of Parkopedia’s Park and Charge service, which enables drivers to seamlessly locate, navigate to and pay for parking or charging from the car everywhere they go, as part of an enhanced and complete charging experience delivered directly to the driver. Combine this with Plugsurfing’s vast European charging network and we believe drivers now have access to the best possible charging process.”

Will Gill, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Plugsurfing, added: “We built Drive API so that our partners can create tailored charging solutions for their customers. Drivers don’t have to leave the car interface they know and love and can enjoy all the benefits of Plugsurfing’s network and service. Our new partnership with Parkopedia will bring even more convenience to drivers with this integrated solution, since EV drivers charge where they park.”

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