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PayByPhone announces the launch of PayByPhone Business a Fleet Parking Management tool

The leading global provider of mobile parking payment solutions launches a new product PayByPhone Business, a Fleet Parking Management tool, available in North America, UK, and France.

PayByPhone Business brings a company’s parking under one easy-to-use, centralized system, so fleet managers have visibility over all parking activity in a simple solution – one app and one interactive dashboard.

PayByPhone Business is scalable, so there is no limit to the number of drivers a company can add to the system, and, for added convenience, they can be added in bulk. Fleet managers can add, remove, and authorize drivers and vehicles easily. Payment can be made from one credit card for all drivers for maximum simplicity. And for added security, once a driver or vehicle is deleted, the associated business payment card will immediately be unlinked from that driver’s PayByPhone account, safeguarding the corporate account. 

“At PayByPhone, our purpose is clear: we simplify your journey, so you can focus on what matters most,” said Andy Gruber, President and CEO of PayByPhone Technologies. “We strive to create fantastic user experiences that not only set us apart, but improve the lives of all types of drivers everywhere. PayByPhone Business is a world-class solution that will help to further shape the mobility landscape by allowing Fleet Management companies to become even smarter and more efficient with their time.”

With over 800,000 five-star app reviews worldwide, paying for parking has never been easier with PayByPhone Business and the dedicated parking app. Saving time on administrative activities and giving fleet drivers the convenience of using PayByPhone’s top rated mobile parking app results in less stress, fewer fines, and more time back for everyone.

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