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Peugeot integrates ChatGPT AI into i-Cockpit®

PEUGEOT, a French automobile company owned by Stellantis, is integrating ChatGPT* artificial intelligence as a service to its customers. Integrated into the iconic i-Cockpit® and activated via the voice assistant “OK PEUGEOT”, ChatGPT can answer any question and offers unprecedented levels of service.

The Peugeot iCockpit is a multimedia and infotainment system developed by Peugeot to enhance driving experience by keeping the driver connected to their tech-savvy habits. (~Merlin)

ALLURE: PEUGEOT offers its customers a new interactive experience

EMOTION: With ChatGPT, the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® enhances the pleasure of driving and the discovery of new knowledges.

EXCELLENCE: PEUGEOT is one of the first manufacturers to introduce ChatGPT into its passenger cars.

More committed than ever to innovation for its customers, PEUGEOT introduces the generative artificial intelligence ChatGPT in its latest generation models.

Generative artificial intelligence ChatGPT is a cutting edge technology developed by OpenAI. It is an abbreviation of ‘Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer’. This technology has learned from a huge amount of data, in order to deliver sophisticated, accurate, and concise responses to its users.

The touchscreen of the famous PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® integrates this human-like text presentation. The onboard voice assistant presents information in a simple and natural way. Just say “OK PEUGEOT” and make your request and ChatGPT will spring into action…

ChatGPT is capable of answering a wide range of questions, from simple to complex, and can engage in a conversation.

For example, if you arrive in a city, you can ask it to indicate which monuments to visit and to tell you the history of these places. Then, if you wish, the car’s navigation system will even guide you to this landmark.

ChatGPT can do much more than answer questions. Do your children feel bored during a long trip? Ask ChatGPT to organise a quiz on a topic that fascinates them… In a few seconds, the artificial intelligence will offer you hours of entertainment!

Creator of a new experience

PEUGEOT enhances the experience of the voice assistant by introducing ChatGPT artificial intelligence into its cars. This makes it more interactive, fluid, and intuitive.

PEUGEOT introduces ChatGPT in the i-Cockpit® of all its latest generation models equipped with connected navigation. Eligible models include: New 208, New 2008, New 308, New 308SW, New 408, New 508, New 508 SW, New E-3008, New E-RIFTER, New E-TRAVELLER, New E-Partner, New E-Expert and soon the New E-5008.

All PEUGEOT customers with eligible models can activate ChatGPT via the PEUGEOT Service Store. PEUGEOT vehicles are undergoing a pilot phase to introduce generative artificial intelligence. During this phase, users can activate and utilize the system for free for a period of 6 months. Initially reserved for the first 5,000 customers, this offer has been extended to 10,000 customers. Moreover, this decision follows a subscription rate exceeding 50% in just a few days.

Following this phase, PEUGEOT will take into account user feedback. Moreover, they will deploy ChatGPT to all customers owner of an eligible connected vehicle.

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