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Powerfleet adds application for ESG to its fleet management platform- ‘Unity’

NASHVILLE, Tenn., June 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Powerfleet, Inc. (Nasdaq: PWFL) has announced application for corporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives with its SaaS-based Sustainability Data-Powered Application. This addition to Unity, Powerfleet’s fleet intelligence platform, aims to minimize carbon footprint and material waste, enhance maintenance and fuel efficiency, help comply with government mandates, and reduce overall operational costs while accelerating revenue growth for customers.

“Climate change, political initiatives to reduce carbon emissions, and heightening public concerns and social demand for green practices have made sustainable technology a top motivator for decision-makers across the board,” said Steve Towe, Chief Executive Offer at Powerfleet. “We recognize the responsibility we have as trusted advisors to provide green technologies that not only benefit the fleet itself but that touch and help unify a business’s entire operation and ESG strategy.”

The solution is powered by data science and insights from Unity. Powerfleet’s Unity platform is agnostic, working with any IoT/telematics device, vehicle, or business system, and provides parameters beyond those from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). This creates a truly open ecosystem that can tie fleet operations into any business process and its proprietary or third-party systems for ESG goals and reporting. It consists of a dashboard with executive-level insights and real-time monitoring and alerts for fleet managers, along with a mobile app for drivers. As a result, Powerfleet’s decision-grade data empowers businesses to increase profits while improving their brand reputation and loyalty.

Insights can be pulled for a specific trip all the way up to a full year. This will include:

  • CO2 emissions: Discover overall tons of CO2 produced and saved by your fleet.
  • Vehicle efficiency: Identify high and low emission vehicles in real time. Reduce CO2 by determining which vehicles need maintenance, or even replacement with electric vehicles (EV).
  • Eco scoring: Track emission-increasing behaviors, such as idling, per each driver. Gain insights into ‘miles lost’ from inefficient driving, along with the opportunity for positive or incentive-based training.
  • Budgeting and planning: Use historical data on vehicle efficiency and eco-scoring to predict fuel and energy use.
  • EV conversion: Detailed fleet summaries of both electric and gasoline powered vehicles serve as a guide for electrification. Narrow down to the make, model, year, amount used, and beyond in correlation with tailgate emissions of each vehicle. Determine which are the cleanest, and which to switch out and when with EVs.

“Powerfleet offers an expanded look into vehicle and driver behaviors critical to ESG initiatives,” said Jim Zeitunian, Powerfleet’s Chief Technology Officer. “The correlations and impact of a range of factors from a business’s fleet with its bottom line is pivotal. This exemplifies our dedication to driving innovation aligned with the challenges and opportunities of our customers. We call it ‘People-Powered IoT’ – technology that can save lives, time, and money – designed specifically for the needs of our customers and their stakeholders across the globe.”

Powerfleet is a electric vehicle telematics and IoT. To date, Powerfleet is enabling hundreds of electric buses. This is based on 30+ years of experience developing and implementing these innovative technologies.

This follows the launch of Powerfleet’s Safety and Security Data-Powered Application and Powerfleet’s acquisition of Movingdots, a leading provider of insurance telematics and sustainable mobility solutions. Additional data-powered applications spanning visibility, maintenance, fuel, and compliance are expected to launch now through 2024.

The Sustainability Data-Powered Application will be available in July of 2023. For more information visit:

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